HERSELF movie review

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Janet's TAKE: Although this is an Irish film, #HerselfMovie is a universal, and compelling, drama of domestic abuse and survival. Strong performances led by Clare Dunne make this story all too believable. Grade/A-

While the script is given over to several cliches, it is very encouraging to watch the determination and strength displayed by this woman as she starts over from the ground up. 

Directed by Phyllida Lloyd

Starring Clare Dunne, Harriet Walter, Conleth Hill

This is the story of young mother Sandra who escapes her abusive husband and fights back against a broken housing system. She sets out to build her own home and in the process rebuilds her life and re-discovers herself. -Amazon Prime

Available in theaters and on Amazon Prime January 8, 2021

MPAA Rating: R for foul language, drug use, violence

Running Time: 97 minutes

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