2 HEARTS movie review

2 HEARTS movie poster

Janet's TAKE: #2heartsthefilm depicts a based-on-a-true story in an unimaginative and formulaic way. While the effort is commendable in its message of sacrifice and service, it is entirely predictable.

The main character (narrator) tries too hard to be charming and this feels forced. There wasn't any chemistry between either of the two romances. If you are looking for a slightly above-average Lifetime style film, this should fit the bill. Grade/C 

Directed by Lance Hool

Starring Jacob Elordi, Tiera Skovbye, Adan Canto and Radha Mitchell

For two couples the future unfolds in different decades and different places, but a hidden connection will bring them together in a way no one could have predicted. Based on an inspirational true story, 2 Hearts is a romantic journey that celebrates life, love and generosity of spirit, and challenges audiences to believe miracles are possible. 

Charismatic young Australian actor Jacob Elordi (“Euphoria,” “The Kissing Booth“) plays Chris, a college freshman whose love for a spirited classmate played by Tiera Skovbye (“Riverdale,” “Once Upon a Time”) helps him find the purpose he has been searching for. 

In another place and time, Adan Canto (“Designated Survivor,” “Narcos”) plays Cuban exile Jorge, who falls for well-traveled flight attendant Leslie, played by Radha Mitchell (Man on Fire, The Shack). Though they were never meant to meet, fate has something entirely unexpected in store for both couples that dramatically changes the course of their lives. - Silver Lion Films, Freestyle Releasing

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for brief strong language

Running Time: 100 minutes

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